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From this page you can browse all the games in the database.  When you find the game you want, you can click on the game and it will display the following information about the Game:
  • Manufacturer
  • Year Released
  • Main CPU Type
  • Display Type (Raster/Vector)
  • Resolution
  • Orientation
  • Number of Players (Could be at one time, or rotating)
  • Number of Simultaneous Players (Courtesy of
  • Number of Buttons
  • Number of Audio Channels
  • Type of Controls it uses
  • Generes (Courtesy of
  • MAME Driver Information (Status, Emulation Quality, Sound Quality, Graphics Quality, etc...)
  • All the PCB's for the Game (if in the PCB Identification Database)
  • All the Parts for the Game (if in the Part Identification Database)
  • All the ROMS used for the game (based on MAME .180) 
  • All the Repair Logs for the Game
  • All the Dip Switch Settings (based on MAME .180)
Many thanks go out to all the contributors of MAME, without them, this database would not be nearly as complete as it is! 
For detailed history and other information about Arcade Games be sure to visit the Killer List of Video Games (KLOV) web site.  They have a ton of great information that will not be found here.  The Arcade Restoration Workshop is geared towards the technical side of Arcade Games; Restoration, Repair, Identification and Documentation of PCB's and Parts.
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005 Sega1981Z80rasterV View
1 on 1 Government Tecmo2000CXD8530CQrasterH View
10 X 10 Barcrest0M6809   View
100 Lions Aristocrat2006SH-4 (little)rasterH View
1000 Miglia: Great 1000 Miles Rally Kaneko1994M68000rasterH View
10-Yard Fight Irem1983Z80rasterH View
10-Yard Fight '85 Irem (Taito license)1985Z80rasterH View
1292 Advanced Programmable Video System Radofin1976S2650rasterH View
1392 Advanced Programmable Video System Radofin1976S2650rasterH View
15IE-00-013 USSR1980ie15rasterH View
1600 Eagle1983I8086rasterH View
18 Challenge Pro Golf Data East Corporation1982DECO 222rasterV View
18 Holes Pro Golf Data East Corporation1981DECO 222rasterV View
18 Wheeler Midway1979Z80   View
18 Wheeler Sega2000SH-4 (little)rasterH View
18 Wheeler Deluxe Sega2000SH-4rasterH View
19 in 1 MAME bootleg bootleg2004PXA255rasterV View
1941: Counter Attack Capcom1990M68000rasterV View
1942 bootleg1984Z80rasterV View
1942 Capcom1984Z80rasterV View
1942 Capcom1987Z80rasterH View
1942 Capcom (Williams Electronics license)1985Z80rasterV View
1943 Kai: Midway Kaisen Capcom1987Z80rasterV View
1943: Battle of Midway bootleg1987Z80rasterV View
1943: Midway Kaisen bootleg1987Z80rasterV View
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