2008 April 5th BBQ Last Updated on: 9/23/2012
Well, this one was less then 7 years since the last BBQ here! I finally got off my ass and posted this page. Only a month and a half after the event... not too bad :)

I want to thank everyone who made it, it was a lot of fun as usual! Most games were up and running. Zoo Keeper, Marble Madness and Millipede were still down for the count though!

I didn't take as many pictures this time as I was busy playing Pinball, so I didn't get a shot of everyone. Sorry about that. Next one I will have to work on getting more pictures!

This time I decided to give catering a try and it was a big hit. We had Hot Links, Pork Ribs, Brisket, Beans, Macironi Salad. Todd brought Potato Salad and Cookies.

This year, the festivities started at around 4:30, and everything eventually wound down at around midnight like most years.

Funhouse was the big hit of the night. Everyone was lining up to play. Even playing 4 people at a time, we still had people waiting!

Rob and James playing Funhouse and Whirlwind!

Dave playing Funhouse.

I also had the Donkey Kong II kit in my Donkey Kong. That was another big hit.

Last BBQ 5 games where down or had problems. (Zookeeper, not done restoring, Make Trax, has a sync issue, Millipede has a board issue, Stargate has a board issue, and Marble Madness has a board issue, but is playable). That meant that 17 games were up and running.

This year, however, I only had problems with 3 games, which meant we were running 19 games (and the Jukebox).

I hope everyone had fun, and I hope they can make it to the next BBQ!

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