Any Coin Roll Down Mech Adapter Installation Instructions 

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Any Coin Roll Down Mech Adapters

The following document will cover the installation instructions for the Any Coin Roll Down Adapters. Currently the following Roll Down mechs are supported:
  • Asahi Seiko 730-A
  • Asahi Seiko 730-A*
  • Asahi Seiko KWM/740
  • Coin Controls $0.25
  • Coin Controls $0.25 Combo
  • CA Calle
  • Baolian D-200
Others may work as well, compare them to the pictures below to see if they will work for your mech. If you are unsure, you can send me a picture of your mech and I can let you know.
All of the mechs share similar functionality and are typically assembled in the same fashion.
Each mech like the Asahi Seiko 730-A below has 3 main parts.
To disassemble the coin mech you need to slide the top clip off the mech towards the back. Depending the mech, this might require a little elbow grease.
Once you take the clamp off, you should have 3 pieces:
You can put the small piece (B) and clamp (C) in a safe place as you won’t be needing them anymore except for the Asahi Seiko KWM/740 and the Baolian D-200 which will need the Clamp (C). I would recommend putting the parts in a plastic bag and putting them in the coin box or the bottom of the game, so if you ever wanted to put it back to 100% original you can.
Now you are now ready to install the Any Coin Roll Down Mech Adapter! Scroll down to your coin mech.

Asahi Seiko 730-A and 730-A*

We need to remove the current coin guide as it will be in the way.  Once you remove it, you should put it a plastic bag and keep it with the game.
On the back of the coin mech is a single screw that you need to remove:
Snap the adapter in place by aligning the holes with the pegs as pictured below:
Once that is complete, it should look like this:

Asahi Seiko KWM/740 and Baolian D-200

The main difference between the two coin mechs is that the Baolian D-200 does not have the top hole. The pegs on this adapter are mainly for helping align the adapter, you will need the C clamp to hold it in place.
For this adapter you will need to remove one additional part (A) from the mech as well. This is the guide for the coins and is replaced by the Any Coin adapter.
  • You can remove the Magnet (B) if you want to use coins (Canadian Money) or slugs that are magnetic. Unscrew the magnet and remove it. Put it in a safe place along with the other parts.
  • You can remove the Rocker Arm (C). This isn’t necessary for most coins, but will improve the reliability if you want to use smaller coins such as dimes or pennies. The rocker arm could jam up with the smaller coins.
Once you have removed the parts, you can then install the adapter. You will want to line up the two pegs with the holes as pictured below.
Once it’s in place you can then slide the clamp over the adapter to hold it in place.

Coin Controls $0.25, Coin Controls $0.25 Combo, and CA Calle

These mechs require two pieces. An inner piece and an outer piece.
The inner piece snaps into the cutout like this:
The the outer piece snaps onto the two pegs pictured below:
This will take some pressure to push the part on as it’s a tight fit. But when you’re done, it should look like this:


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