2007 Oct 13th BBQ Last Updated on: 4/15/2011
I can't belive it's taken me 7 years to have another BBQ here!... Yikes! Well, that will change now that I have a full Arcade. Going to try to have a couple a year.

I want to thank everyone who made it, it was a lot of fun!

Starting on the Left, Me, Theresa, Rob, James, Holly, Dave, John, Hazel and Dan

The festivities started at around 5, and everything eventually wound down at around midnight.

James Playing Rootbeer Tapper and Dan playing Marble Madness.

John and Hazel playing Donkey Kong Jr.

Dave playing Gyruss and Holly playing Robotron.

A nice blury picture of everyone playing!

The area with Robotoron and such was about 5 degrees hotter then the other room. The little AC unit I put in the addition really did make a big difference. I'll have to figure out how to get this room cooler in the future.

5 games where down or had problems. (Zookeeper, not done restoring, Make Trax, has a sync issue, Millipede has a board issue, Stargate has a board issue, and Marble Madness has a borad issue, but is playable). That meant that 17 games were up and running.

The place where we took the Group Photo from the first BBQ, is now where the arcade is!

I hope everyone had fun, and I hope they can make it to the next BBQ.. which should be a lot sooner then the next 7 years!

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