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Manufacturer: Wells Gardner
Year Part Released: Unknown
Part Number: WG4606
Part Classification: Original Part
Part Group: WG4600
Dimensions: Unknown
Contributed by: Arcadenut
Wells Gardner 4600 series monitors uses Plug in Cards.  There are several different versions of these cards which should be compatible between versions with some exceptions.  

This part works with the following games:
Year Game Released 
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Repair logs for this Part:
Picture wraps around screen. The picture wraps around horizontally and vertically.  The monitor came to me with a single horizontal line.   I capped the monitor and reflowed the connectors and replaced several transistors (see replaced section).  I also had the Sync wires hooked up incorrectly initially (thus the wrapping issue).   If you have a JAMMA game hooked up to the monitor, you need to make sure you only hook the Sync up to pin 3 of the Negative Sync connector (3 pin connector on the interface board). Fixed
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