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Factory Defaults Restored
Repair of: The Flintstones(Williams 1994)
Repair Type: Game
Status: Fixed
Contributed by: Arcadenut
When you turn the game on, it displays the error that your settings have been reset back to their defaults and bookkeeping has been cleared.
Battery holder had acid damage on it.   Did a Lithium Battery upgrade.

Diagnostic/Repair Steps

The following steps were taken to either diagnose or to repair the PCB/Part/Game: 
Did the Lithium Battery Upgrade
3/2/2013 4:42:37 PM
I've read that the Lithium battery might not last as long as it should, but the peace of mind I get from knowing that it's not going to leak acid all over the PCB is worth the trade off.
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Parts Replaced

The following parts were replaced:
Part Name 
Part Location 
Original Part Number 
Price Paid 
Substitution Parts 
Reason For Replacement 
ExpandBattery HolderBattery Holder PCB $2.00 Defective
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