Memory Map

The following is a memory map that was generated based on the MAME source code (.180).  This information is only as accurate as the MAME driver is.  If you see any errors, please let me know what that error is.
The Memory Area is related to where the information is from (CPU, Sound Board, etc..), and it may also reflect what it has in common with other hardware.
Memory Area:main_map
Address RangeLengthFunctionDescription
0x0000-0x3FFFFF4194304Read/Writemidtunit_vram_r, midtunit_vram_w
0x1400000-0x141FFFF131072Read/Write, Sharedmidtunit_cmos_r, midtunit_cmos_w, nvram
0x1600000-0x160000F16Read PortIN0
0x0001Joystick UpActive Low
0x0002Joystick DownActive Low
0x0004Joystick LeftActive Low
0x0008Joystick RightActive Low
0x0010P1 High PunchActive Low
0x0020P1 BlockActive Low
0x0040P1 High KickActive Low
0x0080UnusedActive Low
0x0100Joystick UpActive Low
0x0200Joystick DownActive Low
0x0400Joystick LeftActive Low
0x0800Joystick RightActive Low
0x1000P2 High PunchActive Low
0x2000P2 BlockActive Low
0x4000P2 High KickActive Low
0x8000UnusedActive Low
0x1600010-0x160001F16Read PortIN1
0x0001Coin 1Active Low
0x0002Coin 2Active Low
0x0004Start 1Active Low
0x0008TiltActive Low
0x0020Start 2Active Low
0x0040Service 1Active Low
0x0080Coin 3Active Low
0x0100Coin 4Active Low
0x0200P2 Low PunchActive Low
0x0400P2 Low KickActive Low
0x0800P2 Block 2Active Low
0x1000P1 Low PunchActive Low
0x2000P1 Low KickActive Low
0x4000UnusedActive Low
0x8000P1 Block 2Active Low
0x1600020-0x160002F16Read PortIN2
0xffffUnknownActive Low
0x1600030-0x160003F16Read PortDSW
0x0001OffActive High
0x0000OnActive High
0x0002OneActive High
0x0000TwoActive High
0x007cUSA-1Active High
0x003cUSA-2Active High
0x005cUSA-3Active High
0x001cUSA-4Active High
0x006cUSA-ECAActive High
0x000cUSA-Free PlayActive High
0x0074German-1Active High
0x0034German-2Active High
0x0054German-3Active High
0x0014German-4Active High
0x0064German-5Active High
0x0024German-ECAActive High
0x0004German-Free PlayActive High
0x0078French-1Active High
0x0038French-2Active High
0x0058French-3Active High
0x0018French-4Active High
0x0068French-ECAActive High
0x0008French-Free PlayActive High
0x0080DipswitchActive High
0x0000CMOSActive High
0x0100OffActive High
0x0000OnActive High
0x0200OffActive High
0x0000OnActive High
0x0400OffActive High
0x0000OnActive High
0x0000OffActive High
0x0800OnActive High
0x0000OffActive High
0x1000OnActive High
0x0000OffActive High
0x2000OnActive High
0x0000OffActive High
0x4000OnActive High
0x0000OffActive High
0x8000OnActive High
0x1800000-0x187FFFF524288RAM Device Write, Sharedpalette, palette_device, write, palette
0x1A80000-0x1A800FF256Read/Writemidtunit_dma_r, midtunit_dma_w
0x1D01020-0x1D0103F32Read/Writemidtunit_sound_r, midtunit_sound_w
0x1D81060-0x1D8107F32Device Writewatchdog, watchdog_timer_device, reset16_w
0x2000000-0x7FFFFFF100663296Read, Sharedmidtunit_gfxrom_r, gfxrom
0x1F800000-0x1FFFFFFF8388608ROM, Regionmaincpu, 0 (/* mirror used by MK */)
0xC0000000-0xC00001FF512Device Read/Writemaincpu, tms34010_device, io_register_r, io_register_w
0xFF800000-0xFFFFFFFF8388608ROM, Regionmaincpu, 0

ROM Map for this game

This is the ROM map for the game.  This should tell you what address the ROM is at, how big it is, what it's used for.   
Memory Area:adpcm:cpu
Address RangeLengthLabel/LocationDescription
0x10000-0x4FFFF262144mks-u3.romCRC(c615844c) (Fluke: 0ED6)
0x10000-0x4FFFF262144mks-u3.romCRC(c615844c) (Fluke: 0ED6)
Memory Area:adpcm:oki
Address RangeLengthLabel/LocationDescription
0x0000-0x3FFFF262144mks-u12.romCRC(258bd7f9) (Fluke: 886C)
0x0000-0x3FFFF262144mks-u12.romCRC(258bd7f9) (Fluke: 886C)
0x80000-0xBFFFF262144mks-u13.romCRC(7b7ec3b6) (Fluke: F36E)
0x80000-0xBFFFF262144mks-u13.romCRC(7b7ec3b6) (Fluke: F36E)
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