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10/25/2009 12:00 AM
Busy week in the game room!

I cleaned my token machine and wired a button to it so that it depenses tokens without having to put any money in it.

I converted 12 of the 25 games in the gameroom to .900 Tokens. I am working on getting 26 more coin mechs that I can convert to finish the job. If you need Quarter Coin mechs, let me know since I have 45 of them that cannot be used for the .900 tokens.

Rebuilt the power supply in my Sinistar, so it's alive once again! The Battery was dead, so I lost my high scores :( Guess I'll have to start playing again to get the 220K high score back on there :)

Did more work on my Wacko! Rewired the Monitor Power cord (one side was AMP, the other Molex). Put in the Marquee, it lights up quite nicely.

Replaced several broken or missing locks on Asteroids, Sinistar, and Centipede.

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2/9/2014 5:13:02 PM
Spending a lot of time on this getting it ready for Zapcon.  Check out the Reactor Restoration Page.
1/12/2014 12:25:30 PM
I glued the bottom onto my Reactor.  I also started working on Bubbles.  The big bummer on the Bubbles is I thought I had "before" pictures taken of it, and I did not...   So for this Restoration, I'll only have during and after shots.  Sucks too because there is a laundry list of things that were wrong and screwy about this cabinet.   Oh well, that's what I get for relying on my memory...
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