Extra Bases Cocktail Journal Date: 8/5/2006 Last Updated on: 4/23/2011
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A first look
Date 8/5/2006
First things first. Inspect the game and see what you have, what is broken, what is missing, etc...

The overal cabinet is still in pretty good shape. The Top glass is almost MINT, and I don't mean eBay "MINT". It has a few minor scratches, but the art underneath is fully intact.

The bottom cornors have some damage, but I think I'm going to leave those alone as they are not horrible and trying to match the woodgrain sides might prove difficult. I would wind up having to recover the entire game.

Monitor Connector Fixed
Date 8/5/2006

As you can in the picture, the blue wire was broken off from the Molex connector.

I repaired this with a .84 Molex Socket.

Sagging Monitor
Date 8/5/2006
After taking the top glass off, it is more apparent that the monitor is sagging. The monitor is attached to the top of the cabinet and comes out of the game when you open the top. When I first got the game, I was not aware of that and it felt like the top was stuck on something.

Thanks to David Haynes (http://www.bombjack.org/), I got a copy of the manual which showed the breakout of the cabinet.

A Closer Look
Date 8/5/2006

Taking a closer look at the sagging monitor you can see what happened.

The monitor is held in place by 5 brackets. One on each corner and one further down on the chassy. As you can see the top two are no longer screwed into the cabinet. The monitor is litteraly hanging by two brackets.

Opening the Cabinet
Date 8/5/2006
Opening the cabinet was a little tricky as I didn't want the monitor to fall into the cabinet as I was opening it, or for it to break the cabinet anymore then it already had.

I had a few "Bungie" type cords sitting around, so I decided to use those. I wrapped the cords around the brackets on both sides and pulled them tight. I then slowly pulled the monitor UP and opened the cabinet at the same time.

I then put a Laundry detergent box under the side that opens up to support the weight of the monitor. Failing to do so would probably put too much stress on the hinges and cause additional damage. Lucky for me, I buy the right size containers of Laundry detergent! Who knew it was for more then just cleaning clothes!

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