I picked up a Bubbles in a Trade.  I had a Toobin I didn't want anymore and someone had a Bubbles they didn't want, so that's how I got it.
If you've never played Bubbles before, you should stop what you are doing and go play it in MAME.   On second thought, maybe not.   The game is very challenging and addictive to play. 
The one thing I regret with this restoration is I forgot to take "Before" pictures.  I thought I had, but realized after I started that I had not.     So the pictures you'll find on here are the "in progress" and "after" pictures.  It's a shame too since there is a LONG list of things that are wrong with this game.
The Inspection...
Date 1/21/2014
Like I mentioned above, there are a TON of things that are wrong with this game.  Here is what I found:
  • Top has swelling from water Damage
  • Cash box door has holes around it for a Lockbar
  • Cash box  door has holes in it for a Lock Clasp
  • Dings on the right side
  • Water Damage to the backdoor sheet
  • Front Left corner is missing a chunk
  • Bad Leg Levelers
  • Left Side has scuffs in it
  • Small divits in the left side
  • Cigarette burns on the control panel
  • Coin Door Button Sticker needs replacing
  • Right Coin Shoot  has tape over it
  • After market Marquee light (original one still in cabinet and 100% there)
  • After market Marquee has LONG extension cord to plug into Service Outlet 
  • Timer hooked up to after market Marquee light
  • Power Switch under the coin door that ONLY controls power to the monitor
  • Inside of cabinet is filthy
  • Power Harness is Hacked up
  • After Market Fan mounted in cab near Power Supply
  • Fan uses power from the old  
  • Missing RAM chip on the PCB
  • Possible Battery Acid Damage on the PCB
  • Useless Zip Time on Interlock switch (maybe to hold it in?)
  • Useless Ground wire hanging off Monitor Chassis
  • Bolts missing from Control Panel Hing
  • Joystick Shaft worn
  • "C" clip missing from Joystick spider, replaced with wire 
 So other then those few things, it's in great shape!

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