Robotron Journal Date: 3/29/2000 Last Updated on: 4/23/2011
Date 3/29/2000

I have the cabinet and have removed the control panel to help ID the game As you can see by the pictures, the control panel looks like it was a Robotron.

The way I can tell is that it has two black squares that have holes in the center. Its hard to tell since it has all the other holes drilled in it too. The control panel is too far gone to repair so I am going to have to build a new one.

Date 3/29/2000

Attempted to remove the top layer of paint from one side and the art work underneath is a total loss.

Either they removed the paint prior to painting it black, or the two layers bonded together to the point where I can't separate them without destroying them.

Date 3/29/2000

Picked up a Robotron board set and wiring harness from Al Gross!!! Yes!

Robotron WILL live!

Date 3/29/2000

Not much happening on the Robotron Front (still working on Stargate and many other little things between work and sleep). However, I did get a control panel for Robotron and a new Overlay!

Check out the pictures.

Date 3/29/2000

Ok, What is this?

It converts a 44 pin connector to JAMMA. Apparently the harness inside was not JAMMA, but I don't think it was the Robotron one either. It was probably one they had lying around. I could use more of these if anyone knows where to get them.

This one looks really new.

Date 3/29/2000

This control panel is a total loss.

There was no original overlay under the new one (not that it would have been worth it with all those holes in it.). The wood is warped and separating. The only problem with the Williams control panels is that the edges are curved where the wood is joined which is usually cut with a Band-Saw. Something I don't have :-) Gonna have to figure this one out…

Date 3/29/2000

This is the top.

As you can see the wood is splitting. I played with it a bit and it should be fairly easy to tear apart since the wood is so brittle. I might have to fight with it to get it out of the sides, but I might have some chemicals to loosen it up.

Date 3/29/2000

Here you can see the back and inside of the cabinet.The original power supply is there, and a switching power supply.

The back doors need to be replaced due to Water damage. Shouldn't be too hard.

Date 3/29/2000

Here is the side.

As you can see they painted it black. There are a couple of spots that the paint has chipped off and it looks like the original art work is still under the black paint. Lets hope that its in good shape. If not, I'm going to have to find someone who can paint the sides for me.

Know anyone in the Phoenix Area? Let me know.

Date 3/29/2000

Here is the front of the cabinet.

It still has the Atomic Runner Marquee on it, the monitor looks good, I can't see any Burn-In. Lets hope the monitor still works!

Date 3/29/2000

Here is the control panel I got!

Has joysticks and buttons, but its a bit beat up. I'll be working on it when other things hold me up on the other projects.

Date 3/29/2000

As you can see, there is some separation of the layers of wood.

This should be a real easy fix. Put some glue in the cracks, clap it together, and you're in business!

Date 3/29/2000

Fabulous Fantasies ( under the Backglass section) does it again!

Check this out. Excellent reproduction of the Robotron overlay. Well worth the $45. Be sure to check out the ones for Stargate and Defender as well.

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