Popeye Journal Date: 3/29/2000 Last Updated on: 4/23/2011
Date 3/29/2000

Cap Kit on the Monitor.

The monitor would power up, then immediately power back down. Asked for advice on RGVAC and was told that this is what I needed to do. Sure enough, as soon as I did that, the monitor was up and running.

Date 3/29/2000

Its the obvious stuff that kills you :-) I was wondering why the game wasn't coming up or making any sound.

Broke out the Multi-Meter, checked for +5; Nothing. Turns out the plug from the transformer wasn't plugged into the power supply. DOH! That was an easy fix.

Game now comes up, plays music, and you can play it. However.... Look at the pictures to see the problems.

Date 3/29/2000

First theory of why everything was corrupt was a bad EPROM.

Turns out that I did have a bad EPROM C-7A, however, after replacing the EPROM with a new one I programmed, it still gives the same exact results. I was hoping for an easy fix, but this one wont be. I don't think its RAM, but it could be. It only seems to effect the Character Generation (and Title Screen). If I can get my hands on a set of schematics it would go a long ways towards figuring this out.

Its also affecting the Clouds. If it was RAM I would think I would see more things wrong. Maybe I should look at the source to MAME to see how it handles that. If you have troubleshooting tips that you could give me, I'd appreciate it as well :-) I can't read the Test Mode since the Character Generation is messed up.

Date 3/29/2000

This is the Title screen for the game.

You should be able to see a picture of Popeye, however, all you can see here is part of his Pipe and a small block of white.

Date 3/29/2000

Here is the third level, as you can see there is a lot of corrupted graphics (Circled areas). You should also note that the Scores are not present at the top of the screen.

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