Major Havoc to Tempest Conversion

Just picked this up in an auction here in Phoenix.  I've played the game back in the day, and didn't care for it much. Like a lot of games that I didn't care for as a kid, it's usually because I never knew how to play them, or wasn't any good at them (or both).  We'll see.
This is my 3rd color Vector.  I have Tempest and a Black Widow as well.   
Like 99% of the games I get, this one is also a project.  Not sure if I can save the cab or not, but we'll see.  This one has a lot of water damage.  In order to save it, I'll have to destroy the art. 
Since this is an original Conversion Kit from Atari for Tempest, I will be restoring this as the Converted Kit.  I can get a new overlay for the Marquee and Control Panel at Phoenix Arcade if I determine they are needed.  
The Inspection
Date 3/2/2014
With all Restorations, the first thing you need to do is inspect the game and make a list of what is there and what isn't there.  You also need to take lots and lots of pictures.  A mistake I made with my Bubbles which I am not going to repeat...
So what do we have?  We have a Tempest that was converted to a Major Havoc.  This is an official Tempest Conversion Kit, so the game is going to stay Major Havoc and won't be converted back to Tempest.
The first thing I noticed was a problem with the monitor.  It's missing the High Voltage section.  Very important and I'm working on locating a replacement.
The cabinet is in very rough shape with swelling from water damage, missing a chunk near the control panel and part of the back has fallen off.   The swelling is going to be the hardest part to fix.  If it's too bad, I may have to scrap  the entire cabinet.   Fixing the back will be easy, just a matter of removing the existing staples, and gluing/stapling the piece back where it should be.
As like any other game, it's filthy inside and out.  The Control Panel Overlay looks to be decent shape and will probably clean up nicely.  If not, I'll replace it.  The Marquee on the other hand is probably going to be replaced.  It's in pretty bad shape.  Lots of Cracks and fading.
The Coin door has a few issues (bent coin shoot, the coin return bezel is in the bottom of the cabinet), but should be fixable without much trouble.

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